Oscillot® is safe, simple, effective & is the only cat containment system of its type in the world.  We're proud to be endorsed by the Animal Welfare League of Australia and the Animal Welfare League of QLD.



Includes: 1 x  Bracket & Fixing Screws

Brackets are generally recommended for timber fences. If installing with Brackets, you need a Bracket for each Dual Knuckle Post Kit. We're happy to help, contact us if you have any questions.


If you have gates, a staggered fence line, obstructions on the fence line or plan on cutting the Paddles into many pieces, you may require additional Dual Knuckle Post Kits to complete your installation. 

For assistance with working out requirements please contact us.

Fixing screws included will be either for metal, timber or masonry fence depending on your selection from the dropdown list.

Oscillot® was designed for simple, 'Do it Yourself' installation to fences that are at least 1.80 metres in height. 

You only need a few tools and some time! If you don't have the time, you don't have to miss out, give our friends at Hire A Hubby a call and see how they can help. 


The below specifications are based on the product sold in Australia. Specifications for products sold outside of Australia by Distributors may vary. It is recommended that you contact your nearest Distributor for technical information relative to the product in your region.


Material: Acetal

Diameter: 30.00mm


Manufacturers Warranty: 3 years

  Oscillot DIY Kits 

2 metre DIY Kit
4 metre DIY Kit
6 metre DIY Kit
8 metre DIY Kit
10 metre DIY Kit
20 metre DIY Kit