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What is Oscillot?

Oscillot® is a system that is designed to keep pet cats safely and effectively contained to their own yard. Cats use a jump-grab-climb action to scale fences, Oscillot® is designed to counteract this technique by preventing the 'grab'. 

The system itself consists of a series of four-bladed aluminium paddles, which are mounted along fence lines between end posts containing bearings. When a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle, which then spins; the cat cannot get traction and falls safely back to the ground. 

Oscillot® is fast-becoming the most popular choice for cat owners to contain their feline family members because it is designed for DIY installation, there are no wires, cages, netting, or electric shocks, it is very unobtrusive and blends aesthetically with your yard and it is 100% Australian made and owned from high quality materials.

What lengths does Oscillot come in & can it be cut down to size?

Oscillot® is available in DIY Kits. Each Kit is made up of Paddles which are all 2 metres in length. The Paddles are designed to cut down to size as required to fit smaller sections of fence line and gates etc.  Ideally, you’d use an electric drop down say, but you can use a hack saw if you don’t have the powertool. See our Installation Guide for information about cutting Paddles to size.

Will installing Oscillot keep stray cats OUT of my yard?

We don't promote Oscillot® to keep cats out as such. Whilst having Oscillot® installed around the perimeter of your yard can certainly help to deter neighbouring and stray cats from entering your property, it is not fool-proof.  Cats may still find a way to enter using trees, sheds, garages etc. in the neighbouring yards to get up and over the system and into your yard. They may then become trapped in your yard and not be able to get back out again with Oscillot® in place.

Where can I buy Oscillot?


You can buy Oscillot® now on this website in our online store by clicking here. or; You can contact us and we can assist you to work out your requirements and help you to place an order. Oscillot® is also available off the shelf in most Stratco stores in Australia. To view a list of Stratco stockists click here.   

Europe & United Kingdom  

Cat Proof Gardens

Location: De Meern, Utrecht

Service Areas: Cat Proof Gardens is the Europe and UK Distributor of Oscillot®. Based in The Netherlands, Cat Proof Gardens accepts and ships orders to most areas in Europe and the UK.

Ph. +31 (0)6-50568207

Email: info@catproofgardens.nl

Website: www.catproofgardens.eu

New Zealand


Location: Hillsborough, Auckland

Service Area: CATFENCE is the New Zealand Distributor of Oscillot®. Shipping to all of New Zealand. Installation service in the Auckland region, plus recommended installers in other areas. 

Ph. +64 22 106 8048
Email: info@catfence.nz
Website: www.catfence.nz

USA & Canada

Oscillot® North America

Location: Rosedale, Maryland

Service Areas: Oscillot® North America is the authorised Distributor of Oscillot® throughout Canada and the United States of America. Based in Rosedale, Maryland; Oscillot North America takes orders from all of Canada and the USA and ships orders region-wide. 

Ph. +1 (855) 700-4245 

Email: info@oscillotamerica.com

Website: www.oscillotamerica.com

United Arab Emirates

Oscillot® UAE

Location: Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates

Service Areas: Oscillot® UAE is the exclusive Distributor of Oscillot® in the region. Based in Jebel Ali, Oscillot® UAE supplies and installs across the entire UAE region. 

Ph. 00971 (0)58 568 2464

Email: info@oscillot.ae

Website: www.oscillot.ae

Rest of The World

Please contact us and we can assist you to work out your requirements and help you with placing an order for export into your region.  

Can Oscillot be installed on balcony balustrades/ walls?

Balcony balustrade/ fences generally are not suitable because the minimum recommended fence height for installation of Oscillot® is 1.80 metres. Balcony balustrade are generally between 1.2 metres and 1.5 metres, which is too low and Oscillot® will likely not be effective when installed at such a height. 

The risk is heightened when installing Oscillot® against our recommendations in an apartment or unit that is several stories off the ground, because the cat may jump up, causing the paddles to spin, the cat will become off balance and the Paddles rolling may cause the cat to fall out of the balcony, rather than back in, resulting in a long fall to the ground.

Is Oscillot suitable for stopping possums/ squirrels/ rodents from running along my fence?

We do not promote Oscillot® as an effective method to prevent possums/ squirrels/ rodents / or any animal for the matter from a walking along fence lines. Although Oscillot® may help to deter them from walking on fence lines, it isn't guaranteed. Oscillot® may not stop these little critters from entering or exiting yards either as they will generally find another way using trees, roofs, pergolas, sheds etc

What is Oscillot made from?

Oscillot® is made from several components including the Paddle, Dual Knuckle Post Kit and Bracket . The Paddles are made from high quality extruded aluminium that is then powdercoated to its final colour. The Dual Knuckle Post Kit is made from long lasting, hardwearing acetal plastic that is designed to withstand outdoor weather extremes. The Bracket is made from stainless steel that is then powdercoated in a black colour finish.

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