Although Oscillot® is a relatively simple cat containment system compared to more complicated netting, cat run and cage setups, it can take a bit of working out in order to make sure you are ordering the correct components and quantities for your yard or allocated space in which you would like to install Oscillot®.

Rest assured, we are more than happy to help you work out your requirements. You'll need to be able to give us the measurements of each section of fence line. So if you have a four-sided yard, you will need to measure each of the four-sides separately. It's helpful if you can map out your fenceline, it doesn't matter how rough it is, and include the measurements and the locations of any gates or variables on the map. You can then email it through to us. Alternately, you can call us on 1800 897 340 and explain your map over the phone and we will likely be able to ascertain your requirements without much trouble.

Below is an example of a typical yard setup and the quantities of components that would be required to undertake the installation. 

Oscillot® Measuring Your Yard Example


All Oscillot® installations require at least 1 extra Post Kit. The Paddle Set includes 1 x Paddle and 1 x Post Kit, so you need another Post Kit to attached the other end of the Paddle to the fence.

The reason that a Paddle Set includes only 1 x Post Kit instead of 2 is due to the Post Kits being dual knuckle, meaning 2 Paddles can be inserted into each Post Kit at a 180° angle. Paddle after paddle is then installed for the length of the fence run and at the end of each fence run is when the extra Post Kit is required.

The average 4 sided fenced yard requires 5 extra Post Kits however, more can be needed when going over gates, short sections of fence, fences with protruding vertical posts and fences that stagger in height.

Extra Dual Knuckle Explanation