CAT-PROOF your yard without cages or nets

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Our Distributors


Oscillot® HQ

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Service Areas: Oscillot® HQ accepts and ships orders to all areas in Australia.

Ph. 1300 897 340
Email: info@oscillot.com.au

Cat Runs WA

Location: Wangara, Western Australia

Service Areas: Supplying and installing in metro Western Australia only

Ph. 0418 917 502 

Email: catrunswa@icloud.com

USA & Canada

Oscillot North America

Location: Rosedale, Maryland

Service Areas: Oscillot North America is the authorised Distributor of Oscillot® throughout Canada and the United States of America. Based in Rosedale, Maryland; Oscillot North America takes orders from all of Canada and the USA and ships orders region-wide. 

Ph. +1 (855) 700-4245 

Email: info@oscillotamerica.com

Website: www.oscillotamerica.com


Cat Proof Gardens

Location: De Meern, Utrecht

Service Areas: Cat Proof Gardens is the Europe and UK Distributor of Oscillot®. Based in The Netherlands, Cat Proof Gardens accepts and ships orders to most areas in Europe and the UK.

Ph. +31 (0)6-50568207

Email: info@catproofgardens.nl

Website: www.catproofgardens.eu

United Arab Emirates

Oscillot UAE

Location: Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates

Service Areas: Oscillot® UAE is the exclusive Distributor of Oscillot® in the region. Based in Jebel Ali, Oscillot® UAE supplies and installs across the entire UAE region. 

Ph. 00971 (0)58 568 2464

Email: info@oscillot.ae

Website: www.oscillot.ae

New Zealand


Location: Hillsborough, Auckland

Service Area: CATFENCE is the New Zealand Distributor of Oscillot®. Shipping to all of New Zealand. Installation service in the Auckland region, plus recommended installers in other areas. 

Ph. +64 22 106 8048
Email: info@catfence.nz
Website: www.catfence.nz

Rest of the World

Oscillot® HQ

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland 

Service Areas: Oscillot® HQ accepts ships orders to Singapore, South Africa, Brazil and other nations upon request.

Email: info@oscillot.com.au

The only cat containment system of its type in the world.