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Oscillot® is safe, simple, effective & is the only cat containment system of its type in the world. We're proud to be the only cat containment system endorsed by the Animal Welfare League of Australia and the Animal Welfare League of QLD.

Timber/ WoodenMetal/ Colorbond/ Post & RailBrick/ Masonry
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or make 4 interest-free payments of $16.23 AUD fortnightly with More info


Includes: 1 x Paddle (2 metres), 1 x Dual Knuckle Post Kit & Fixing Screws.

The Paddle is made of extruded aluminium which is then professionally powdercoated. The Dual Knuckle Post Kit is CNC Machined from DuPont™ Delrin® acetal homopolymer resin; a highly-crystalline engineering thermoplastic specified for use in high load mechanical applications. All installations require at least 1 x additional Dual Knuckle Post Kit on top of those included with the Paddle Set(s). Click here to see why you need additional Dual Knuckle Post Kit(s). Timber fences can benefit from using Brackets for the installation as they allow installation on the face of the fence when there is no capping. We're happy to help, contact us if you have any questions

Oscillot® was designed for simple, 'Do it Yourself' installation to fences that are at least 1.80 metres in height. You only need a few tools and some time! If you don't have the tools or the time, you don't have to miss out, you can Find an Installer here. If you have a local Handyman that you are happy with, they will likely be able to do the installation for you. Get them to check our our Installation Guide and call us if they have any questions about your installation.

Oscillot® is designed to prevent cats from scaling fences with a minimum height of 1.80 metres when installed correctly in accordance with our Installation Guide on a suitable fence type and yard setup. The recommendation of 1.80 metres is made as it is the height at which the system has been extensively tested and has proven to be safely and reliably effective. Oscillot® was originally designed for installation on metal fences. We now have customers across Australia, and the world, with installations on many different fence types and variations including timber, masonry, composite and vinyl. Cats use a jump-grab-climb action to scale fences. 

Oscillot® prevents the 'grab', thereby eliminating the required leverage meaning the cat cannot get itself over the fence.The most important point to remember when installing Oscillot® is that your cat needs to be jumping from the ground to the top of the fence in a single motion with no help on the way up in the form of ladders or platforms. Ladders and platforms include objects next to the fence such as trees, trellis, sheds and garden beds etc. 

In more than 90% of installations, installing Oscillot® alone is adequate and will result in effective cat-proofing of the fence to keep your cat safe at home. For some fence setups, in particular timber fences with the posts and rails on the inside of the fence; an extra cat-proofing measure in addition to installing Oscillot® may in some instances be required. This is due to the 'climbability' of some timber fences. 

If you'd like assistance with working out requirements for a full and complete Oscillot® installation please send us a message, we're happy to help


Material: Extruded aluminium 

Length: 1986.00mm 

Diameter: 60.00mm

Weight: 1650gms 

Distance from fence to top of vertical blade once Paddle installed on Post Kit(no Bracket): 70.00mm 

Clearance below bottom blade and fence once Paddle installed on Post Kit(no Bracket): 10.00mm 

Manufacturers Warranty: 3 years 

Made in Australia

Dual Knuckle Post Kit

Material: Acetal 

Diameter: 30.00mm

Height: 72.00mm

Weight: 100gms

Manufacturers Warranty: 3 years
Made in Australia


Material: Steel


Weight: 100gms 

Manufacturers Warranty: 3 years 

Made in Australia 

We will despatch your order from our warehouse on the Gold Coast within 2 business days* from your order being placed on our website.  This Kit comes in a box which will be delivered to your door by Startrack or Toll. If you are not home to sign for the delivery, the courier will leave a card for you to call to arrange re-delivery. If you’d prefer the courier leaves the delivery at your front door please reply to your order confirmation within one hour and let us know so we can arrange this with the courier. Transit times then vary depending on your location. Please see transit time estimates** below:


3 to 5 business days


4 to 6 business days 

New South Wales

4 to 6 business days


South Australia

5 to 7 business days



7 to 9 business days

Northern Territory

8 to 10 business days

Western Australia

8 to 10 business days

* orders are despatched from our Gold Coast warehouse within 2 business days throughout majority of the year. There may be exceptions during the holiday Christmas period where the warehouse will be closed. Notifications of this closure will be posted on the website.

** transit times are estimates only and may vary depending on the workloads of the couriers. Semi-rural, rural and regional centres may also incur longer transit times.

Suitable for most fence types with a minimum height of 1.80 metres*

Including metal, timber, masonry, concrete, super 6, vinyl and composite.

No cages. No nets. No electric currents. No worries.

Oscillot® is safe for little paws and endorsed bythe Animal Welfare League of Australia and the Animal Welfare League of QLD.

It’s not just your cat you’ll be keeping safe...

Keeping your cat contained to your yard willsignificantly reduce their access to native wildlife, saving the lives of many little creatures.

Peace of Mind. Purrfect.

Free shipping on DIY Kits

Packed with care, despatched from our warehouse within 2 business days & free shipping.

60 day money back guarantee

If for any reason you find Oscillot® isn’t suitable, ship it back to us for arefund of the Kit price less shipping.

3 year manufacturers warranty

Made in Australia from quality materials, Oscillot® will withstand the elements for years ahead.

Over 6000 cats safely contained.

Check our our Verified Reviews...

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Railene Y.
�cracking Aussie company�

From the moment I came across the amazing Oscillot product(on a google search), I�ve been very happy I chose to purchase. The website was easy to navigate around, easy to chose how much I needed to buy and colour options I had a choice of. My backyard shares 2 boundary fences, both different colours. Plenty of payment options and free postage. My parcel arrived quickly and a friend installed it. Now my 2 rescue cats love being out in the sun and playing on lawn and in the garden. The ease of mind for me that they can�t escape is priceless. Communication to the company via email and phone has been exceptional. My installer friend even stated Oscillot is a �cracking Aussie company�

Railene Young verified customer review of 40 metre DIY Cat-Proof Fence Kit
Lisa W.
Australia Australia
Just topping up...

I bought oscillot when I first built my house but didn't put it on one part of the fence because I didn't think any animal could ever jump over it. I was wrong. Unfortunately a stray tom got into the yard, picked a fight with my 17 year old cat and then ****** everywhere. Moral of the story, just oscillot the whole yard!

Lisa Wright verified customer review of 40 metre DIY Cat-Proof Fence Kit
Rachel K.
Australia Australia
This product was so easy

This product was so easy to install, if fact I installed it myself and it took no time at all. Several times I have heard my cats attempt to jump over the fence, but did not succeed. The Oscillot system has worked really well. It has certainly eased my anxiety about my cats getting out. I can 100% recommend this product

Adrienne H.
Australia Australia
Highly recommend Oscillot!

We've been considering installing Oscillots for a while and so glad we did. Installation was easier than expected - seemed a bit daunting at first but with two of us, a bit of patience and following the instructions, it was absolutely fine. Very happy and enjoying peace of mind that our cats are safer.

Meredith S.
Australia Australia

Good. I did 40metres along the top of a long colorbond fence. The system works well as long as there are no gaps between connections and there is no ‘stepping’ of different levels. If this happens you have to work out a way to block the gaps. Order delivered quickly, in good condition, staff were approachable and supportive. It’s a clever idea, but my cat is a genius and has been doing calculus working out escape routes I haven’t even thought of yet. Good experience. Thankyou.

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