What is Oscillot & how does it work?

Oscillot® has no wires, and no electric current, it is completely safe and will not cause harm to your cat, wildlife, or little curious hands that may reach up and touch the system. Containing your cat is not only the best way to keep your cat safe, but it also protects native wildlife living in neighbouring parks and reserves.

Oscillot® comprises of two main components, the Paddle and the Dual Knuckle Post Kit. The Paddle, made from high quality aluminium, is professionally powder-coated to ensure strength and durability. The Dual Knuckle Post Kit is made from acetal, a very durable plastic that is able to withstand weather extremes. A third component, the Bracket, is an optional extra which may make installing to timber paling fences easier. 

 All components that make up Oscillot® are made in Australia from high quality Australian materials. The Animal Welfare League of Australia and the Animal Welfare League of Queensland have endorsed Oscillot® as a safe and responsible method of containing pet cats to their own property.

Oscillot® was invented by South Australian by filmmaker, Paul Bok, in 2006. Paul noticed an obvious lack of options for cat owners to keep their beloved feline friends safe at home. The only options on the market at the time appeared to be either cages or netting... And let's face it, who wants to turn their yard into a prison! After extensive research and development, Oscillot® was born, right here in Australia!


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What are the benefits?

Suitable for Metal Fences...
Suitable for Timber Fences...

Fence type and yard setup is important

Oscillot® is very well suited to metal fences; the Stratco Good Neighbour fence is perfect for installation of this system because of its clean lines and the absence of posts and rails. Oscillot® can also be installed onto other types of fence including: 

  • Stratco Good Neighbour
  • Post and rail
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Corrugated
  • Timber/ wooden
  • Masonry
  • Vinyl

For Oscillot® to be effective, we strongly recommend that it is only installed to fences with a minimum height of 1.80 metres (6" foot). This recommendation is made because this is the height at which the system has been tested and proven to be effective. For fence heights lower than 1.80 metres, the concern is that a cat could scale up the fence whilst still maintaining enough composure and accuracy to place a paw under or over the top of the Paddles and get enough of a grip on the fence to scurry over.

So we've explained it,
 but it's kinda one of those things you really have to see.

Watch these cats chasing glory with their attempts at a great escape...