Why choose Oscillot®?

Well, other than its beauty by design, here's a few more reasons...

Oscillot® was designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. All you need are a few tools & a few hours of time. If you don't have the time, check out our Installers list to find handyman.

Oscillot® is 100% Australian owned and manufactured entirely in Australia from quality materials designed for an extended outdoor lifespan.

There are no cages, no nets and no electric currents to harm your kitty. Oscillot® is truly the most unobtrusive cat containment solution in the world

Oscillot® is the only cat containment system with official endorsement from the Animal Welfare League of Australia & the Animal Welfare League of QLD

Free roaming cats cause major destruction to our native wildlife. By keeping your cat safely contained to your own yard with Oscillot® you're effectively reducing your cats negative impact on our precious native fauna.

Statistically, cats keps safe at home outlive free roaming cats by 8+ years. Keeping your cat at home with Oscillot® also reduces the likelihood of contagious diseases and eliminates the risk of dog attacks and car accidents.

We want our customers (and their cats) to be 100% happy 100% of the time. Should you not be completely happy with your Oscillot®, return it within 60 days for your money back on the Kit.

Oscillot® is a premium product, we're happy to back it with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. If there's a fault with any of the components, we'll replace them free of charge.