Animal Welfare League of Australia

A national non-profit organisation caring for companion animals across Australia. Formed in 2007, when the Animal Welfare Leagues of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland united to become Animal Welfare League Australia. Dogs Homes of Tasmania joined AWLA in 2010 and SAFE Inc joined in 2014

Animal Welfare League of Queensland

Established in 1959, AWLQ works with optimism, integrity, innovation and initiative to create a brighter future for all companion animals in need. AWLQ work with local councils, state government, rescue groups and the community to improve the outcomes for stray and surrendered pets, and are renowned for our unique and inventive programs, initiatives and rehoming strategies.

World League for the Protection of Animals

The World League for Protection of Animals Inc (WLPA) is an Australian campaign and rescue organisation which has been fighting for the rights and well being of animals, both native and non-native, since 1935. WLPA was registered under the Charitable Collections Act, NSW 1934 on 14 May 1937. We are self-funded as we receive no government subsidies or grants. We aim to use our funds for the benefit of the animal causes we champion and keep our core staff to a minimum. WLPA relies on the support of compassionate and generous volunteers for hands on rescue work.

Cat Protection Society New South Wales

Cat Protection began in 1958, as a small group of people dedicated to reducing the number of stray cats by desexing and finding loving and responsible homes for street cats.

Our vision remains the same – that every cat has a loving and responsible home – but we now offer a range of feline care services from our purpose-designed, no-kill shelter in Newtown. We are an independent charity operating only in NSW. We’re not a subsidiary of any other organisation and we don’t have branches.

We love cats... You love cats... Lets be friends!