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What is Oscillot?

Where can I buy Oscillot?

What colour choices are available?

Does Oscillot spin or make noise when it is windy?

Is Oscillot suitable to contain dogs as well as cats?

Can Oscillot stop possums / squirrels / rodents from running along fences?

What is Oscillot made from?

Will Oscillot keep other cats OUT of my yard?


Is there a minimum recommended fence height at which Oscillot should be installed?

Do I need to get my Neighbours permission to install Oscillot on top of the fence we share?

Can I get Oscillot installed for me if I do not want to do it myself?

Why do I need extra Post Kits?

What lengths does Oscillot come in?

How do I measure my yard for Oscillot?

Do I have to get Local Council approval to install Oscillot on top of my fence?

Can I install Oscillot on a balcony balustrade/ fence?

If I want to install with Brackets, how many do I need?


How long will it take to receive my order?

Where does the store ship from?

Do you ship to the United States and Canada?

Do you ship to Brazil?

Do you ship to South Africa?

Shipping is not accepted to my country in your online store, can I still get Oscillot?


Is Oscillot suitable for all types of fences?

Why do I need extra Post Kits?

What lengths is Oscillot available in?

How do I measure my yard for Oscillot?

Is there a guarantee that my cats won’t escape my yard if I have Oscillot?

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