The unique, DIY cat containment system...

As a conscientious cat owner, you know that cats instinctively roam. And you also know that a contained  cat is a safe cat, away from cars, dogs, cat fights, animal baits and infectious diseases.

The Oscillot® System is the only cat containment system of its kind in the world. It consists of a series of four-bladed paddles mounted between end posts containing bearings, when a cat tries to scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle and it spins, causing the cat to lose traction and fall safely back to the ground.

The Oscillot® System is suitable for most fence types - including steel (Good Neighbour, Post & Rail & Galvanised) Timber, Masonry and Brush.

 The Oscillot® System is unobtrusive – no cages or netting - and you can install it yourself or call your local Distributor for a free measure and quote. You can now also buy the Oscillot® System at your local Stratco store.

Alternately you can always buy online 24/7 in our shop by clicking here.

 Check out the Oscillot® System in action in this “Caught on Cat Cam” video.  

The Oscillot® System truely is an investment in peace-of-mind, keeping your feline family members safe and secure in their own cat-proof yard. After all, statistics show that contained cats statistically outlive free-roaming cats by up to eight years.

Cat friendly, wildlife friendly...

Because the Oscillot® System it has no wires, and no electric current, it is cat-friendly and safe.

It protects native wildlife and is the only cat fence solution endorsed by the Animal Welfare League of Australia and the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.

If you want to keep your cats safe and prevent them from roaming, while ensuring your cat fence system is unobtrusive, and easy to both install and remove, you want to invest in the Oscillot® System.

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us. We always enjoy hearing from fellow cat lovers who care about the safety of their pets, and the surrounding environment.

And remember, this unique cat fence solution is now available in a variety of colours from your local Distributor, at your local Stratco store and in our online shop.

If you are unsure about DIY installation, you can request a free measure and quote from your Distributor or, see our 'How to measure your yard' diagram. 


  • Simple DIY installation
  • The ONLY cat containment product endorsed by the AWLA
  • Suitable for most fence types
  • No unsightly cages or netting
  • Helps to protect our native wildlife 
  • The System can be removed and re-installed if you move house
  • Proudly Australian owned
  • Deters possums from walking along fence lines

100% Honest Testimonials

"AWLQ proudly endorses Oscillot. We use it at our Gold Coast Rehoming Centre to keep  a wide range of cats happy and safe while they wait for their new homes...The cost is soon recouped by saving in vet bills from injuries to your cat(s), or on pound fees, and also reduces your stress wondering where your cat is."

Joy Verrinder - Strategic Development Officer - AWLQ

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