The Oscillot® System is the revolutionary cat containment system that can be installed onto existing Colorbond®, Good Neighbour, Post & Rail, Timber, Masonry and Brush Fencing. It is a unique and unobtrusive alternative to cats cages and netting and is the only cat containment system of its type in the world!

Cats instinctively roam and easily scale normal fences with a jump – grab – climb action….. The Oscillot®  System is designed to counteract this technique. Installing the Oscillot® System to your existing fence is the simple answer to keeping your cat at home and safely away from the dangers that exist outside of your property.

The Oscillot® System may be the best investment you could make to ensure the wellbeing of your beloved feline friend. Recent studies have shown that cats kept confined to their own property statistically outlive free roaming cats by up to eight years.

The Oscillot System makes is possible for almost everyone to 'cat proof' their yard. We aim to continue to promote the benefits of keeping cats contained to their own property and in turn, this will one day be the ‘norm.’ This is important because a contained cat is a safe cat; away from the dangers that are faced in the outside world such as traffic accidents, bait ingestion, dog attacks, cat fights and infectious diseases.  

The Oscillot® System is designed for easy 'Do it Yourself' Installation. A comprehensive DIY Installation Guide and Installation Guide Video is available on our Installation Guide page. You only need a few simple tools and some time! If you don't have the time, give your local Distributor a call and they can install it for you. If there is no Distributor in your area, just ask your local Handyman Service.

  • Simple DIY installation
  • The ONLY cat containment product endorsed by the AWLA
  • Suitable for most fence types
  • No unsightly cages or netting
  • Helps to protect our native wildlife 
  • The System can be removed and re-installed if you move house
  • Proudly Australian owned
  • Deters possums from walking along fence lines


100% Honest Testimonials

"AWLQ proudly endorses Oscillot. We use it at our Gold Coast Rehoming Centre to keep  a wide range of cats happy and safe while they wait for their new homes...The cost is soon recouped by saving in vet bills from injuries to your cat(s), or on pound fees, and also reduces your stress wondering where your cat is."

Joy Verrinder - Strategic Development Officer - AWLQ


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